Community partners interact with residents of New Jersey communities in a variety of ways, so they are often the first to identify and frame problems that can be solved with the assistance of Rutgers academics. The academic members of the CDHW-IRG represent a broad cross-section of expertise from Rutgers in health, medical, social, information, and computing sciences. Working together, the community partners and academic members will address local community issues, while generating academic research, ultimately resulting in support from funding agencies in addition to CDHW-IRG, which can lead to positive health outcomes even beyond the local communities where the problems were initially identified and addressed.  


CDHW-IRG is funding nine collaborative projects across several health-related topics:

Strengthen Opioid Prevention Project (STOPP): Developing a Social Media Intervention to Prevent Use
InAirKids: Promoting Children’s Engagement in Monitoring and Improving Indoor Air Quality
Understanding and Reducing Racial Inequity for COVID-19 Vaccination
Developing an interactive county mapping tool to advance age-friendly policies, programs, and planning in New Jersey
Towards Fairness in Mental Health Prediction Apps
Media for Patient and Health Education
Project Dream, Own, Tell: Feasibility of Engaging Significant Adults in Teen Sexual/Dating Violence
Increasing Breast Cancer Screening in Women with Severe Mental Illness
Screening for Social Determinants of Health in the Medical Intensive Care Unit